Audience at a Performance
On Stage

The Preaching Improv--Where John the Baptist would like to hang out. 

Every 1st and 3rd Friday Night, 7pm...Starting Jan. 20th 2023, preaching and story telling for your Spirit.  We rotate a stable of real live preachers, limit them to ten minutes and cut'em loose. Hosted by the one and only Kevin Suber, (he rates preachers for a living, moved here from CA, but we forgive him.) Who knows, your preacher just might be under the spotlight. At the end we wrap it up with a live pod cast of all the preachers. Whether a saint, a skeptic, a hypocrite, saved, lost, or woke and easily offended, prepare yourself for the preacher zone. 

The Preaching Improv

God has always gifted the church with preachers--people who have been set aside to speak the truth when it is popular, or politically-incorrect. They didn't choose it. It chose them. God is not silent and His voice is reverberating through the most unlikely individuals to deliver the Lord's divine mail. 





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